Adjusting TextEdit Print Margins

Mac users know that TextEdit is a simple program for entering text.  For windows users, it's a lot like NotePad.  For switchers like myself, it might be hard for you to  adjust the print margins.  Word Pad that comes with Windows has a few more options and I often wondered why it is as underutilized as it is.  Anyway I found this bit of advice. What it suggests is using a full service word processing program to create a template. Here's how

 If you have a copy of  Microsoft Word or the completely free NeoOffice, create a file with the margins you like. Save it as an RTF file and then open it in TextEdit. TextEdit will respect the margins created in the other program. Judiciously use this RTF file as a template for other TextEdit documents. 

Why not just use the word processer like Word for Mac or  better Yet the free Neo Office instead.  I found these programs take longer to open that text edit. Plus if your Mac came with a free trial of Word for Mac, you can make this template during the trial period and avoid buying the program

I prefer to support Open source programs.  Open Office comes in a Windows Version as well as a Mac version.  But I have been told that Neo Office is better for your Mac.  Both are completely free and include the equivalent of Word Excel Powerpoint, Access Outlook and More.  You have to get the special versions of Microsoft Office to get all  of those.  The big thing to remember when using Microsoft programs or Open office/neooffrice.  Save all your Documents in the RTF format and any one can open them no matter what program they are using.

Word 2007 uses a totally different extension.  Some users are unaware that the older versions of Word, even Word 2003 can not open this version.